What Kind Of Beans To Eat On Alkaline Diet

What Kind Of Beans To Eat On‌ Alkaline Diet


What kind⁢ of legumes should work their way into your meals if you’re on an alkaline diet? The short answer: opt for alkalizing beans​ like Lima, navy, and mung beans.‍ These protein-packed powerhouses not only satisfy hunger, but also tip the​ pH balance of your body ⁢towards a more alkaline⁤ state, contributing to your overall well-being. In this⁤ article, we’ll dive deeper into the types of beans that you should befriend on ​an alkaline diet, their ​benefits, and propose a few appetizing ways to incorporate these unsung heroes of the culinary world into your everyday dining. ⁣

Embracing the Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet, notably endorsed by celebrated stars and famed​ fitness fanatics, puts the limelight⁢ on consuming foods that are known to reduce the ⁣acidity in your body. Regular followers of the alkaline diet aim to eat 70% alkaline-creating foods and‌ 30% acid-creating foods, tipping the scale towards elixirs of well-being. At one fell swoop, you can fight off inflammation, boost ⁣energy levels, and⁤ improve digestion, all lending credits to ⁤enjoying radiant health.

Beans: Alkaline Diet Champions

Beans ⁣are nutrient-dense, versatile, and could rightly claim the throne as champions in the roster of foods to consume on an alkaline diet. A dynamo in their own right, beans are⁢ laden with a wealth of nutrients, from fiber⁣ to proteins to vitamins, offering benefits that extend beyond simply jazzing up your palate.

Digging Deeper: Alkaline-Friendly Beans

Sure, beans are good for you,⁤ but when you’re on an alkaline diet, you need‍ to be picky⁤ about which ones you choose ⁤to grace your dining table. Some beans lean ⁣towards the acidic side, and while they’re not totally off-limits, they ​will not be of great assistance in nudging your body pH towards the alkaline end of the spectrum. On the other hand, certain beans behave like best buddies with the‍ alkaline diet. The cream of the crop among these are lima, navy, and mung beans.

Lima Beans

Lima beans, also known as “butter beans” thanks to their rich, buttery texture, are a‌ great choice for the alkaline diet. Not only are they ‌alkaline in nature, but they also deliver a generous dose of​ nutritional goodness, making them‍ a darling addition to your dietary plan.

Navy Beans

Next up, navy beans. Named for their popularity‌ in the U.S. Navy during the early‍ 20th ⁤century, these small white⁢ beans‌ are powerhouse providers of fiber and protein, with the added advantage of being naturally alkaline. Their mild flavor ⁤makes them an effortless statement in any meal ‍from salads to soups, turning any⁢ dish into a delicious alkaline feast.

Mung Beans

Mung beans, tiny green ⁢gems native to India, don’t just offer a delightful crunch in ​spring rolls. Their alkaline nature makes them a favorable component of the alkaline diet. Besides, their ⁤high‌ protein and fiber content, coupled with an array of minerals, turn these little ⁣green pearls into a nutrition bomb.


Rethinking nutrition, the alkaline ‍diet encourages embracing alkaline-creating foods, and naturally, ⁤some beans fit ​the bill⁣ perfectly. Lima, navy, and mung beans, in their alkaline glory, add⁢ not just variety to your meals but a healthful punch.‌ As you tuck into those savory soups, hearty stews, ⁤or vibrant ⁢salads brimming with these beans, you won’t just be satisfying your taste buds;⁢ you’ll ⁤be ‌taking firm steps towards holistic well-being.

Frequently Asked ‌Questions

1. Are black beans okay to eat on an alkaline diet?

⁢While black beans are ⁤rich in protein and fiber, they are slightly acidic and not ideal for ⁤an alkaline-centric diet.

2. Do I need to soak beans ‌before eating them?

Yes, soaking them overnight reduces their cooking time‌ and aids digestion.

3. Should I avoid canned⁣ beans on an alkaline diet?

Canned beans ⁢can be high in sodium and ⁣can contain additives, so fresh beans are preferable where possible.

4. How often ⁤should I eat beans on an alkaline diet?

You can ​comfortably incorporate beans into at least one meal a day.

5. Can ​I eat chickpeas on an alkaline diet?

Chickpeas are slightly acidic, so while​ they can still be‍ included in your diet, balance them out with more alkaline foods.


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