Crustless Quiche with Italian Turkey Sausage and Peppers

    By electricdiet / January 31, 2021

    This crustless quiche with Italian turkey sausage and peppers is bursting with delicious flavor! It’s a great make-ahead breakfast to enjoy all week. Quiches are such a great make-ahead breakfast. They’re perfect for brunch with friends, a family gathering, or simply to meal-prep for the week. And when you want a hearty dish that won’t […]


      Mini Banana Bread Loaves –

      By electricdiet / January 29, 2021

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        Low-Carb Baked Zucchini Chips Recipe

        By electricdiet / January 27, 2021

        Baked zucchini chips are one of the easiest and healthiest low-carb snacks you can make yourself. They are full of flavor and the perfect way to enjoy a crispy snack while still keeping it diabetes friendly.  These baked zucchini chips make the perfect low-carb replacement for potato chips. Ther are crispy, crunche, and you can […]


          Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe – Quick Chicken Dinner with Pizzaz

          By electricdiet / January 25, 2021

          Type 2 Diabetes and Easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps Recipe These easy Chicken Lettuce Wraps recipe from Holly Clegg’s KITCHEN 101 cookbook makes a great diabetic chicken dinner! Did you know that 8% of our population has diabetes and 6.2 million people are unaware they have the disease? With Team Holly, even these healthiest recipes are delicious. If […]


            “Treasure Your Exceptions”—Studying Human Extreme Phenotypes to Illuminate Metabolic Health and Disease: The 2019 Banting Medal for Scientific Achievement Lecture

            By electricdiet / January 23, 2021

            Abstract The study of humans with genetic mutations which lead to a substantial disturbance of physiological processes has made a contribution to biomedical science that is disproportionate to the rarity of affected individuals. In this lecture, I discuss examples of where such studies have helped to illuminate two areas of human metabolism. First, the control […]


              Spinach Dumplings – Diabetic Foodie

              By electricdiet / January 21, 2021

              These spinach dumplings stuffed with ricotta cheese are the perfect meatless comfort food. You can boil or steam them for an absolutely delicious dish! I’ve been trying to incorporate more meatless dishes into my weekly menu. So when I found myself craving meatballs, I decided to come up with a vegetarian version. These spinach dumplings […]


                Rainbow Bagels –

                By electricdiet / January 19, 2021

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                  Low-Carb Crab Cakes (Keto) | Diabetes Strong

                  By electricdiet / January 17, 2021

                  Ditch the bread crumbs and try these low-carb crab cakes instead! You still get the perfect golden exterior and wonderful crab flavor without all the unwanted carbs or gluten. If you ask me, the very best crab cakes are the ones you get in little beach towns on the east coast. Maybe it’s something about […]


                    Easy Crock Pot Pork Recipes- Delicious Diabetic Cuban Pork and Black Beans

                    By electricdiet / January 15, 2021

                    Easy Crock Pot Pork Recipes Featured in Crock Pot Convenience Chapter Easy crock pot pork recipes make wonderful easy healthy dinner and great for eating healthy. This healthy easy recipes is one of the most delicious diabetic pork recipes. You can cook an entire meal from entree to dessert in a crock pot. Holly Clegg’s cookbook, […]


                      SGLT2 Inhibition for CKD and Cardiovascular Disease in Type 2 Diabetes: Report of a Scientific Workshop Sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation

                      By electricdiet / January 13, 2021

                      Article Information Acknowledgments. The authors thank the conference participants, who aside from the authors of this article included: Amanda Adler, MD, PhD, Oxford, U.K.; Maryam Afkarian, MD, PhD, Sacramento, CA; Radica Alicic, MD, Spokane, WA; Meaghan Allain, Falls Church, VA; Pamela Anderson, MBA, Titusville, NJ; George Bakris, MD, Chicago, IL; Petter Bjornstad, MD, Aurora, CO; […]