Spicy Tomato Soup – My Bizzy Kitchen

    By electricdiet / August 31, 2020

    This spicy tomato soup is delicious.  Best part is that it doesn’t taste like pasta sauce which used to happen to me in my early cooking days. Fun fact about me though is that I hate tomatoes. Sliced on a cutting board with the seed guts spilling out – ew! But I love tomatoey things. […]


      How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Your Testosterone & Sex Drive 

      By electricdiet / August 29, 2020

      Testosterone is a steroid hormone. It’s often referred to as the “male sex hormone” as men have significantly higher levels of testosterone than women. Research has shown that diabetes and high blood sugar levels can affect testosterone levels in both men and women. Most commonly, diabetes is associated with lower than normal testosterone levels in […]


        Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe-Easy Delicious Diabetic Chicken Pizza

        By electricdiet / August 27, 2020

        How To Make Quick Chicken Dinner If you like chicken fajitas, then you’ll love easy Chicken Fajita Pizza recipe from KITCHEN 101. Everywhere you look diets are telling you what not to eat.  When you stick with Holly’s Trim and Terrific recipes you will find that you don’t have to give up anything because there are […]


          Buttercup Squash Soup – Diabetic Foodie

          By electricdiet / August 23, 2020

          This recipe for buttercup squash soup uses a less-common winter squash with a sweet, creamy flavor. You’ll love this unique twist on a hearty and satisfying dish! Whenever I see new and unique ingredients at the farmers’ market, I always have to try them. That’s how I came across this buttercup squash, a type of […]


            Grown Up Chicken Nuggets – My Bizzy Kitchen

            By electricdiet / August 21, 2020

            When Hannah was little we used to pick up McDonald’s every once in a while.  I would order the 20 piece chicken nuggets knowing full well that Hannah would eat a few and I would eat the rest.  And I wonder how I got to 211 pounds!  These my friends are my grown up chicken […]


              Keto Pancakes with Almond Flour

              By electricdiet / August 19, 2020

              Who doesn’t love a piping hot stack of pancakes for breakfast in the morning? These keto pancakes with almond flour couldn’t be easier to make and taste great too.  The great thing about this keto almond flour pancake recipe is that it works just like a regular pancake recipe. It’s just as easy to follow, […]


                Breakfast English Muffins On The Go – Well Balanced Morning Meal

                By electricdiet / August 17, 2020

                Perfect Breakfast For Busy Mornings Open face English muffin piled high with delicious western omelet ingredients makes this an all-around nutrient dense quick breakfast when you are in a hurry.  The Back to School rush can be a blur but these Breakfast English Muffins On the Go from Guy’s Guide to Eating Well cookbook are […]


                  Novel Detection and Restorative Levodopa Treatment for Preclinical Diabetic Retinopathy

                  By electricdiet / August 15, 2020

                  Abstract Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is diagnosed clinically by directly viewing retinal vascular changes during ophthalmoscopy or through fundus photographs. However, electroretinography (ERG) studies in humans and rodents have revealed that retinal dysfunction is demonstrable prior to the development of visible vascular defects. Specifically, delays in dark-adapted ERG oscillatory potential (OP) implicit times in response to […]


                    Strawberry Tofu Smoothie – Diabetic Foodie

                    By electricdiet / August 13, 2020

                    Looking for a tasty vegan breakfast to energize your morning? This strawberry tofu smoothie is a great source of protein, packed with healthy fats, and so delicious! You have to try this strawberry tofu smoothie! The tofu, almond butter, and almond milk create the perfect creamy base while the strawberries and vanilla extract add that […]