Interplay of Placental DNA Methylation and Maternal Insulin Sensitivity in Pregnancy

    By electricdiet / April 29, 2020

    Abstract The placenta participates in maternal insulin sensitivity changes during pregnancy; however, mechanisms remain unclear. We investigated associations between maternal insulin sensitivity and placental DNA methylation markers across the genome. We analyzed data from 430 mother-offspring dyads in the Gen3G cohort. All women underwent 75-g oral glucose tolerance tests at ∼26 weeks of gestation; we […]


      Black Bean Dip – My Bizzy Kitchen

      By electricdiet / April 27, 2020

      Happy Monday!   I hope you are doing well.  I am at about Day 41 of working from home.  It’s been interesting!    First off, if I haven’t mentioned it before, the commute is awesome.  Literally 15 steps from my bed to my dining room table to get to work.  I love being able to sleep […]


        Low-Carb Cheesy Cauliflower Fritters Recipe

        By electricdiet / April 25, 2020

        These low-carb cauliflower fritters are the perfect way to start your day! Cheesy, flavorful and good for you too, while being low-carb and keto-friendly. Breakfast should be a quick and easy meal, that gets you going for the day. Not only are these fritters healthy, but they taste amazing and are full of protein to […]


          Easy Fish Tacos Recipe with Southwestern Cole Slaw for Healthy Fish Tacos

          By electricdiet / April 23, 2020

          Easy Fish Tacos Recipe Makes Quick Fish Dinner! Don’t have time to cook and looking for a delicious meatless meal?  Holly’s easy Fish Tacos recipe from her easiest cookbook, KITCHEN 101 and this simple recipe is for healthy fish tacos.  If you LOVE fish tacos these Tilapia Fish tacos are simple to make at home.  A quick fish dinner […]


            PPARA Polymorphism Influences the Cardiovascular Benefit of Fenofibrate in Type 2 Diabetes: Findings From ACCORD-Lipid

            By electricdiet / April 21, 2020

            Abstract The cardiovascular benefits of fibrates have been shown to be heterogeneous and to depend on the presence of atherogenic dyslipidemia. We investigated whether genetic variability in the PPARA gene, coding for the pharmacological target of fibrates (PPAR-α), could be used to improve the selection of patients with type 2 diabetes who may derive cardiovascular […]


              T2D Healthline: An App for People Living with Type 2

              By electricdiet / April 19, 2020

              If you’re like me, you’ve tried lots of health-related apps. Imagine one that has relevant articles, peer support, and diabetes management tips specifically for people with Type 2. Now you know what the new T2D Healthline app is all about. This is a sponsored post on behalf of Healthline.   Why T2D Healthline? Living with […]


                Pork Pot Stickers – My Bizzy Kitchen

                By electricdiet / April 17, 2020

                I love potstickers in any form, but having leftover pork makes that an easy decision.  My pork belly that I grilled on Easter Sunday was sliced thin and added to . . . Natural Heaven hearts of palm pasta!  [This post contains affiliate links and I may get paid a small amount of you buy […]


                  Carb Counting for Better Diabetes Control

                  By electricdiet / April 15, 2020

                  Carb counting is the golden standard when it comes to maximizing glycemic control while expanding food choices. Sure, you can get away with a preset insulin dose or arbitrarily guessing how much insulin to take for your usual meals and snacks, but carb counting allows for a much higher level of finesse when you are […]


                    Best Cornbread Dressing Recipe With Sweet Potatoes: Easy Thanksgiving Dish

                    By electricdiet / April 13, 2020

                    What is the Best Cornbread Dressing Recipe Using #1 Holiday Ingredient? OK, so that isn’t exactly a scientific number but sweet potatoes are definitely the number one holiday ingredient in my family.  That’s why I combined them with the popular Thanksgiving cornbread dressing dish to make the best cornbread dressing recipe ever!  Cornbread dressing and sweet […]


                      Evidence Against an Important Role of Plasma Insulin and Glucagon Concentrations in the Increase in EGP Caused by SGLT2 Inhibitors

                      By electricdiet / April 11, 2020

                      Abstract Sodium–glucose cotransport 2 inhibitors (SGLT2i) lower plasma glucose but stimulate endogenous glucose production (EGP). The current study examined the effect of dapagliflozin on EGP while clamping plasma glucose, insulin, and glucagon concentrations at their fasting level. Thirty-eight patients with type 2 diabetes received an 8-h measurement of EGP ([3-3H]-glucose) on three occasions. After a […]